At Wade Financial Advisory, Inc., our investment approach is supported by established academic principles designed to seek optimal positioning in the balance between risk taken and rewards sought, that helps each client maintain a level of comfort with their investments while ensuring that their capital is working effectively to support their life goals.

Through careful consideration of the risk characteristics of multiple asset classes, including different categories of stock, bond, and alternative investments, we look to build a portfolio that can build wealth for the patient investor over time.  Utilizing advanced analytical tools and modern risk assessment frameworks, we seek to combine multiple investments in a manner that seeks to moderate the degree of risk taken through diversifying across various stock, bond, and alternative holdings with complementary return streams, and potentially offsetting risk characteristics.

We do not chase "hot" stocks or seek short-term returns from any investment, and as a result, we do not rapidly trade client accounts in pursuit of yesterday’s winners. Our strategic approach allows us to participate in market returns and other academically supported sources of returns.

Because an investor only truly earns what they keep after paying taxes, WFA employs a thoughtful approach to the tax considerations of all investment decisions with the goal of minimizing the tax burden of your investment portfolio and maximizing the proportion retained by the investor.  Actions taken to improve your after-tax returns include complex processes such as optimizing asset locations (evaluating your entire portfolio to minimize the proportion of income and gains subject to taxation), and engaging in tax-loss harvesting, which is the practice of placing transactions that advance the timeframe for recording losses on your taxes, while seeking to defer recording gains.


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